sabrina elewa

HXOUSE x adidas

Through the HXOUSE x Adidas Creative Project Management Program we were asked to create a window activation highlighting the lifestyle around two iconic products with basketball DNA – The Forum and The Superstar. 

Our big idea is to 'CREATE YOUR NEXT'. 

What started with basketball brought people together, creating an evolving culture that broadened our audience and connected them through sentiment. We want to honour what made the shoes iconic; you. Our goal is to encourage you to take the next steps into your journey with our shoes.

We drew our inspo from the adidas 3 stripes and payed homage to the generation that paved the way, while also representing for the new school pushing the culture forward through streetwear. Bridging the history between both iconic shoes.

Through the use of layered planes, we are emulating an illusion of spatial depth, speaking to the idea of the journey and a space to step into.

We are using acrylic sheets covered with tinted film and vinyl as well as mirrored plexi glass to position the spectator within the steps the shoes have taken and where it can go next.

We are also using projection mapping to showcase designs made by our audience to reflect their journey on.